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The Young Life Story
The stories of our lives are no different than the stories we read in books: the early chapters set the stage for the rest of the narrative. As you are reading this, the stories of kids are being written: comedies, tragedies, mysteries, and most importantly, love stories. That is where Young Life comes in, inviting kids to be a part of the story that God is writing in their lives.
In 1938, a youth pastor from Texas named Jim Rayburn wondered what would happen if adults entered the world of kids, on their turf and in their culture, building bridges of authentic friendship. He started looking at the local high school as his “parish,” hoping to reach the furthest out kid. He called his first meeting the “Young Life Campaign.”
Young Life is a community of caring adults committed to introducing kids to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith. Young Life’s motto is “every kid, everywhere, for eternity.” Because every kid longs to be loved by a caring adult, and every kid needs to hear the story Jesus Christ… the greatest love story ever told.”
Our Chapter: Charleston Young Life
In 1996, a group of adults in Charleston started praying for Young Life to enter the city. Since then, Charleston Young Life has grown to be a ministry led by 4 staff members and over 30+ volunteers, reaching 6 high schools, 2 middle school, and hundreds kids. The mission of Charleston Young Life is to transform our city, by transforming our schools, by transforming the hearts of kids. Our goal is simple: one kid at a time until every kid knows the love of God in a personal way.
The Heroes: Young Life Leaders

The heroes in the Young Life story are easy to spot – they are the leaders and staff who leave their comfort zone every week to demonstrate Gods love to kids. Young Life leaders are people who have committed themselves to showing kids that God is not only real, but that He loves them just the way they are. Some are college students, others are young professionals, all share the vision of introducing kids to the person of Jesus Christ in Charleston and beyond. Leaders consistently show up in the lives of kids wherever they are. In fact, for every hour a leader spends in an organized meeting with kids, they spend at least five or more outside the meeting building relationships. Leaders listen to kids’ stories because they genuinely care about their joys, triumphs, heartaches and setbacks… and even if kids do not respond to the gospel, they are still going to love them.

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