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Just one example of the many clubs going on all over Charleston.
What is Club and Campaigners?

Club - a wild and crazy night where we sing songs, play games, have skits that make kids laugh, and at the end a YL leader gets up and gives a short talk.  It is here where we open the door, have a blast, and challenge kids to consider what they believe about Jesus.

Campaigners - a small group and bible study wrapped up into one.  It is here where we figure out together how to walk in this faith and how our schools could start to look different. 


​Young Life Clubs in the  Charleston Area

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Hanahan Leaders
​Hanahan Young Life

Hanahan Campaingers currently meets each Monday night at 7:45pm. For location or more information, please call or email Ben Crocker at (864) 642-5804 or
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James Island Leaders
James Island Young Life

James Island Young Life club meets weekly through out the school year on Monday nights. James Island Campaigners meets on Wednesdays at 8pm at Margaret Smiths House (1029 Barbados Way, JI). 

Please call or email Margaret Smith for more information and locations at (843) 908-9880 or 
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Porter Gaud & Ashley Hall Leaders
​Porter Gaud & Ashley Hall Young Life

Porter Gaud & Ashley Hall Young Life club meets weekly through out the school year on Tuesday night at 7:47pm at the 118 Royal Ave, Mt. Pleasant. 

Porter Gaud Campaigners meets Wednesdays at 8pm at various locations. Ashley Hall Campaigners meets at 8:15pm on Thursdays at the Jones House. Please email the Young Life office for more information and locations!

Please call or email the Young Life Office (843.564.3295 or for more information Porter Gaud Young Life. 
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Wando Leaders
Wando Young Life

Wando Young Life club meets weekly through out the school year on Monday nights at 7:47pm in the Park West Pavilion (right off Park West Blvd, right beside where Cario plays football games). 

Wando Campaigners meets Thursday at 7:30pm. Our Campaigners address will change monthly, so please feel free to email for location! 

Please call or email Neil Gardner for more information about location at (843) 323-7959 or 
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West Ashley Leaders
West Ashley Young Life

West Ashley Young Life club meets weekly through out the school year on Monday nights at 7:47pm at Grace on the Ashley Church (2014 Bees Ferry Road). West Ashley Campaigners meets Thursday night at 7:30pm at the Morelli's House (3217 Hagelity Drive). 

Please call or email the Young Life Office (843.564.3295 or for more information about West Ashley Younglife. ​
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Summerville & Ashley Ridge Young Life Leaders
Summerville & Ashley Ridge Young Life

We are currently developing the Charleston North Area and have begun Young Life at Summerville and Ashley Ridge High School. Their club meets on Monday nights at 7:45pm at 1400 Old Trolley Road. Campaigners meets on Thursday nights - 7:30pm at Cam and Sarah Stewarts house (103 Proprietors Court, Summerville SC 29485).  

If you are interested and would like more information, please contact Cam Stewart at or (410) 949-6882.
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Daniel Island Young Life Leaders
 Daniel Island Young Life

Daniel Island Young Life meets each Monday night for club 15 7:47pm and each Wednesday night for Campaigners at 7:30. 

If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Tracey Thomas at or (412) 852-2123.
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Stratford Young Life Leaders
Stratford Young Life

We are currently in the process of growing and developing Young Life at Stratford High School. If you would like more information on how you can be involved, please contact Carley Seder at or 919-413-8869.

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